3D Printing for Everyone

  • Acronym: 3D4E
  • Social Links:
    LinkTree: linktr.ee/3d4e.ucla
    Website: https://3d4eatucla.github.io/
    Instagram: @3d4eatucla
    Discord: https://discord.gg/fTYFrpQ
  • Winter Opportunities:
  • Winter GM - January 11, 2024, 8-10 PM
  • Weekly 3D Printing Workshops - Every Thursday, 6 PM
  • Introductory lessons for 3D modeling, printing, and small scale manufacturing processes.
  • Weekly Project Hours - Every Thursday, 7 PM
  • During project hours, members can visit our different projects and use their 3D printing knowledge and skills to apply them to a project in the realm of Mechanical Keyboards, Biomedical applications, Flight (RC Planes and Drones), and Wheels (RC Cars).


3D4E is UCLA's premier 3D printing club on campus and we host a variety of group projects in which we design, manufacture, and test items using CAD software and 3D printing. This year, our teams are the Mechanical Keyboards, Biomedical, Flight (RC Planes and Drones), and Wheels (RC Cars) teams.