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ESUC is the umbrella organization that facilitates communication and events between the engineering student body and the UCLA School of Engineering.

Who We Are

As an umbrella organization, the Engineering Society at UCLA helps facilitate communication and events between the engineering student body and the UCLA School of Engineering. In particular, ESUC is responsible for hosting several major engineering school events, including Engineering Welcome Day and Engineers Week.

ESUC is located at its lounge in Boelter 5800 of which is open for homework use as well as meetings with ESUC officers.

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What We Do

Engineering Welcome Day

Engineering Welcome Day is an orientation event for roughly 700 incoming engineering freshmen and transfer students. As ESUC’s first event of the school year, the purpose of this event is to first and foremost, serve as a forum where students have the opportunity to network with faculty, staff, alumni and peers in an effort to create a smooth transition to UCLA Engineering and to inform students of resources that are available to them to assist in their academic and professional success.

Student Leaders Luncheon

The roundtable luncheon is a quarterly meeting among the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the various engineering student organizations and individuals from UCLA Engineering’s Office of Academic and Student Affairs. The purpose of this meeting is to maintain a flow of communication between student organizations and the administration.

Startup Fair

UCLA Engineering organizations held it’s first ever StartUp fair in the Fall of 2013. Similar to a typical career fair, this event features companies strictly from the local startup community. The purpose of this event is to provide engineers the opportunity to learn more about the startup culture. In addition to the startup company representatives attending to recruit UCLA Engineers, this event features several panel discussions aimed towards providing students with the proper skills to succeed in their own business ventures.

Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee Meeting (ExComm) is a meeting between the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the various engineering student organizations. This meeting takes place after the Roundtable Luncheon, and serves as a follow-up discussion that expands upon topics brought up during the Roundtable Luncheon. The purpose of this event is to sustain effective communication between the engineering clubs on campus.

Engineering Alumni Mixer

In an effort to bridge the gap of communication between current students and alumni, we hope this event will provide us all with the opportunity to strengthen the bonds of UCLA Engineering and foster a closer knit community.

Engineering Leadership Conference

Engineering Leadership Conference is a collaborative event between ESUC’s corporate affiliates and nearly 200 student leaders within UCLA Engineering. The purpose of this event is to enhance leadership skills and promote effective communication between student leaders.


Highlights Calendar

The Highlights Calendar gives a spotlight to the most prominent events taking place in the engineering student community, including various organization's general meetings, career fairs, town halls, and more!

Workshops, Speakers, & Other Calendar

The Workshops, Speakers, & Other Calendar provides info about other events put on by our engineering organizations, including various workshops, speaker panels, and more!

ESUC Lounge Reservations

Check here for ESUC Lounge availability! If you're representing a student organization, you can make a reservation here: ESUC Lounge Reservations.

If you run into any issues, or if you'd like to add your organization's events to either one of these calendars, please reach out to


Emika Saito


Madeline Young

External Vice President

Utkarsh Lal

Internal Vice President

Rohan Gandhi

Alumni Relations Chair

Brandon Lo

Community Chair

Logan Cheney

Corporate Director

Dennis Li

Publicity Chair

Swetha Palakur


Neha Kulkarni


Philip Do



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